K&A Environmental System co,.ltd strategy

Scope of Business


Industrial chemical product

We pursue opportunities for glowing global expansion in particular market. Mainly we import industrial chemical products. The value of products is increasing as we create new core business with current situation and demand. We have been preparing large value of products which include both organic and inorganic compounds. Please feel free to contact us for any question and requests. We always try to turn our customer’s request into reality.


Food additives

We also offer food additives that contribute to “Eat healthy with comfort food. ”Nowadays people pay more attention to food safety. Therefore, the establishment of food security frameworks is crucial. In case, a food additive which is contained in processed foods is not expectation, too. We would like to optimize the society situation and people’s health through offering good quality and safety food additives.


Chemical fertilizer, compost, forage

Chemical fertilizer, compost, forage are one of very important factors for our company’s strategy which is “Eat healthy with comfort food”. As special trade company we have a great opportunity to protect all Japanese people from harmful food additives for next generation. We always do our best to be able to contribute to Japanese agriculture and livestock industry by offering high quality compost and forage to nature healthy food.


Environmental manipulation

We aim for “harmony with chemical and environment”. To improve the environment that was destroyed by harmful chemicals, we work on the issue actively.
Our company’s product which Algae, sludge measures agent and Dredging grime, solidifications flocculant can improve the environment and purity of water with minimize side effect.

About K&A environmental system co,.ltd

RelianceThe biggest in Asia

The exclusive Japanese Zinc oxide agent
We are the exclusive Japanese agent of Weifang Longda Zinc Industry Co.,Ltd, which is the one of big Zinc oxide trade company in Asia. Weifang Longda Zinc Industry Co.,Ltd is based in Shandong and also this company is growing and globalizing as a zinc oxide firm. Weifang Longda Zinc Industry Co.,Ltd could actualize over 80% of thermal recycling rate by company’s own technology. Also, Weifang Longda Zinc Industry Co.,Ltd could substantially reduce CO2 by high-temperature combustion.
» Weifang Longda Zinc Industry Co.,Ltd

NetworkEstablishing an locally-incorporated company

Since the institution’s formation, we kept do our best to be an expert at chemical industries external trade with China. To furnishing better service for Japanese customer, we built overseas affiliate in China in 2012. We employ Chemist for local staff, and they share information habitually with Japanese employee. Thereby, we are able to offer many service such as detailed feedback of market information.
We would like to offer swiftly and precisely service by using newest internet technology and finely communications.
We do hope you will give us future guidance and encouragement in the future.

TechnologyCollaborative research with university laboratory

We are researching and investigating for the MnOx inorganic adsorbent with Kagawa University and Mie University. The purpose of this research is sea water’s radioactive decontamination. This research has been started according to our main target such as contribution to society. Mainly we investigate for synthesis of Cryptomelane-type manganese oxide, synthesized MnO6 Octahedral layers structure, manganese oxide octahedral molecular sieves possess a (4×4) tunnel structure. Then according to these researches, we create new type of benchmark for metal adsorbent.
We will implement new type of inorganic adsorbent technology by joint researches with university laboratory.

KnowledgeBusiness participation in planning by Doctor of engineering

We are not only external trade company. Knowledge about chemical engineering, which about row materials and production process always helps us to develop high chemical’s potential. Thereby, we can contribute to the development of industry and society by respond to each customer various needs. Plus, concerning environment and harmonize with nature is one of the priority factor nowadays. Therefore we provide comfortable environment for people, society, and for the earth by using knowledge of chemical engineering.
Then, we cope with a problem and collaborative investigation through industry-academia collaboration.
I believe each small steps and effort makes reliable company.

Doctor of Science and Engineering ,
Graduate School of Symbiotic Systems , Science and Technology
Fukushima University

Company brochure

Message from CEO

K&A environmental system co,.ltd is a growing company. That is especially why we can have determination to take on a challenge up difficult things. Then, we growing bigger by respond positively to each customer’s opinion. Otherwise the all customer’s guidance leads us to growing company bigger.
Nowadays in Japan, China is one of the most important countries as export trade partner. Meanwhile, we will provide satisfying service with globalized service such as overseas affiliate in China. From now on, our priority is responded customer needs accurately with great loyalty and customer’s satisfaction therefore we always do our best for business activity.
Then, we have a business strategy such introduce superior firm and product for customer. Some of superior firms are still not famous in Japan; however that firms can be offer high quality product with low cost. Introducing much better firm to customer is one of biggest our motto.
Chemical can develop next generation’s human being and environment. We aim harmonizing chemicals and environment conservation for children and next generation K&A environmental system co,.ltd contribute to industrial development. All of us become aware of our responsibility, and we always do our best for customers satisfaction.

Company profile

Established in 9th August 1999
Capital 30,000(thousand yen)
Head office 〒359-1106 1-27-8 Higashi-Sayamagaoka Tokorozawa City Saitama
Production bases 〒140-0002 10F Sea Fort square center building,
2-3-12 Higashi-Shinagawa Shinagawa Ward Tokyo
TEL:03-6433-2244 FAX:03-6433-2245
Web-page: http://www.k-env-chem.co.jp
Worldwide Network Weifang, Shandong China